TWO trainspotters have been sent home from Acton Bridge station having been warned their hobby is not a valid reason to be outside in lockdown.

Under the current Covid lockdown, all residents in England must stay at home unless they have a valid reason to go outside.

This could be shopping for essential food, attending a medical appointment or travelling to work if you cannot do it at home – but not trainspotting.

And that was the message police had to deliver to the pair at Acton Bridge station today, January 14, after a resident contacted officers to report the lockdown breach.

In a post on Twitter, a spokesman for British Transport Police said: “Following complaints from a local resident about trainspotters, we have attended Acton Bridge station.

“Two persons were at the location and were encouraged to leave which they did.

"Trainspotting is not an essential activity and you shouldn’t be leaving home to do it during lockdown.”

For the lockdown guidance and exceptions in full, see