THE start of Northwich's coronavirus vaccination programme has been hailed a success as councillors call on residents to 'sit tight' and wait for their invitation.

Vaccinations for coronavirus are under way at Kingsmead Medical Centre – helping to provide a route out of the pandemic and hope at last.

The site, run by Danebridge Medical Practice, began administering the vaccine last Friday on behalf of the Northwich Primary Care Network – meaning GPs from across town are working together on the site, and residents may be contacted by a practice they are not registered with.

A Danebridge Medical Practice spokesman said: "We would like to give a huge thank you to our wonderful patients and their carers/family that made it such an upbeat and successful day.

Northwich Guardian: Mary Cadwick, 101, received the Covid jab last FridayMary Cadwick, 101, received the Covid jab last Friday

"It was cold, the weather was less than ideal, but that vast majority of people came in with a smile on their face eager to get the process started."

Anyone who is at a higher risk of suffering from medical complications as a result of contracting the virus will get the vaccination first, and residents will receive a letter when it is their turn have the vaccine.

Cllr Kate Cernik, who is training to administer the vaccine, told Monday's Northwich Town Council meeting that 'approximately one-third' of people who are eligible have been invited so far.

"I think it is a question of sitting tight and waiting for your invitation," she said.


"My understanding is at the moment, the hold-up is around supplies, so at the moment it's about getting the vaccine to the centres that is delaying things a little.

"It is anticipated that will be addressed, I believe, towards the end of next week."

Letters are also being sent out people aged over 80 that live within 45 minutes of the Etihad Campus, in Manchester, where the north west's mass vaccination centre opened on Monday.

If contacted, residents can choose to have the jab at the site, or they can wait to have the vaccine at Kingsmead.

Cllr Derek Bowden said: "Nobody has hard information, so each of us is going to have to make a personal decision on finding a way of making that journey, or waiting along for the local surgery."

Cllr Cernik added: "I wouldn't be recommending that anyone goes off to the Etihad or anything. I think you are probably safer sitting at home, waiting for the call-up locally."

Northwich Guardian: The team at Kingsmead are working on behalf of all GP practices in NorthwichThe team at Kingsmead are working on behalf of all GP practices in Northwich

Some NHS hospitals are now also vaccinating people at hubs, including Leighton, Macclesfield and the Countess, while pharmacy-led sites could also begin administering the jab in the weeks ahead.

The NHS hopes to have given the first jab to everyone in the top four priority groups – older care home residents and staff, everyone over 70, frontline NHS and care staff, and people who are clinically extremely vulnerable – by the middle of February.

National guidance now advises that people should receive a second dose of Covid-19 vaccine within 12 weeks of the first, and residents will be told when it is their turn for a second jab.

A spokesman for NHS Cheshire clinical commissioning group added: “You might know others over 80 who have been invited for their vaccination already, but that doesn’t mean that you are a lower priority.

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“GPs and other practice staff are working hard to vaccinate as many people in this group as quickly as possible and, during January and February 2021, many more people will be invited in.

"But it is only the start of the vaccination programme and it will take some time to work through everyone.”