A WINSFORD family has been left devastated after a schoolboy described as its 'life and soul' tragically died suddenly on Christmas Day.

12-year-old Cason Hallwood had enjoyed the perfect day with his family, including his three brothers, twins Cowen and Corley, 18, and Caiden, 13 before he went out to play with his friends in Wharton Recreation Park.

According to family friend Sam Decruz, while Cason was there, he began to have breathing difficulties and his concerned friends called his mum Louise, who rushed to the scene.

An ambulance was called and Winsford Academy student Cason, who is asthmatic and has a nut allergy, was given a shot from his epinephrine pen, but after this failed to work, was rushed to Leighton Hospital, where he died a short time later.

Speaking to the Guardian, Sam said: "It had been a Christmas Day like normal.

"Cason had woken up and opened presents with his three brothers.

"Everything had been perfect and they went over to Louise's parents house for dinner.

"After dinner Cason said he was going out to the park with his friends where he soon became unwell saying he couldn't breathe.

"His friends got in contact with his mum and Louise actually ran all the way there while his Nan followed behind on the phone to the ambulance."

With the results of a post mortem examination not yet known, is unclear as to why Cason died, although Doctors believe he suffered an anaphylactic shock.

"He's been in hospital millions of times with his asthma and been on nebulisers," Sam explained.

"As a parent myself I cannot comprehend the pain that Louise and her three other sons are feeling right now.

"It's something no parent should ever have to go through."

As a way of trying to help her friend, Sam decided to set up a Go Fund Me page on Boxing Day to help pay for the costs of Cason's funeral, with the amount raised already already exceeding £10,000.

Sam added: "I lost my husband suddenly last year and Louise and her family were so good to me.

"This is just may way of trying to help her in what must be such an impossible time.

"I thought if we could try and raise enough money so she doesn't have the added stress of trying to pay for a funeral, it might help.

"Louise has been so overwhelmed by it all.

"She can't believe all the love and kindness shown to her by people.

"To know that thousands of people have sat there and enjoyed their Christmas and my friend has lost her son is just heartbreaking.

"I was awake all night on Christmas night, I just wanted to do something to help.

"From one parent to the next, from a mum to a mum, I just want her to know that we're all behind her.

"Louise said to me yesterday, 'I could be a millionaire but no money in the world would bring him back'."

Cason has often spent Christmas in hospital due to his asthma and Sam went on to say how utterly tragic it was that the year he wasn't, had ended like this.

"He was a handsome whirlwind, and no day was ever the same as the next with him," she said.

"He was the light of his family's life and everybody adored him."

If you would like to support the family in their time of need, you can visit the Go Fund Me page here.