RESIDENTS in a Northwich village have started a campaign to try and tackle speeding drivers.

The people of Winnington have grown frustrated over the past few weeks, saying a number of motorists have been using Walker Road and Western Way as 'a race track' and 'cut through' due to congestion caused by nearby roadworks.

After getting together to voice their concerns, the residents, who also say several pet cats have been killed by the speeding drivers, have welcomed the support of their local police officers.

Last Thursday (November 26), PCSO Imogen Graffham was on the village estate with a speed gun taking part in a monitoring exercise, and it is hoped the police presence will potentially deter drivers from putting their foot down.

A spokesman for the residents said: "It's great that we’ve been taken seriously, especially after the owners of three pets in the past week or so have fallen victim to inconsiderate drivers on that road as well as Parry Avenue.

"And they haven’t even had the decency to stop.

"We look forward to enjoying safer roads in our village."

One of the concerns held by local residents is the fact none of the roads are actually adopted which means implementing speed restrictions and road safety measures is more difficult.

They added: "We are hoping to meet with PCSO Imogen Graffham soon to discuss a potential community speed watch once the Covid-19 pandemic has settled.

"Residents are also looking to local ward councillors and those from Cheshire West and Chester to help with getting our roads adopted so stricter road safety measures can be implemented."

A spokesman for the police said: "We are aware of an increase in reports recently regarding speeding on the Winnington Village estate.

"Speed monitoring has been conducted this afternoon on Western Way, and this area will continue to be monitored at various times, days and locations on the estate.

"A big thank you to all of the residents who took the time to stop and say thank you as well as giving feedback on the areas that appear to be worse for drivers speeding."