A NORTHWICH bar owner has welcomed the news he can re-open his business next week but questioned the logic behind the new Tier 2 rules.

Keith Davies, who along with wife Janey, only opened the Temple Cafe Bar in September, said he was very happy to be welcoming back his customers but that he also felt sorry for those people who like to pop in for a quiet drink, but now won't be able to.

He said: "From a personal point of view, and coming from a dancing background, we have plenty of single people who use it as a way to socialise.

"It's the same for people who like to go out for a pint, even if it's on their own.

"You see plenty of people, whether they be in their 40's, 50's, 60's or 70's and going out for that drink on their own is their way of socialising.

"Under the new rules, we can't even serve those people unfortunately, which is really annoying in some respects.

"We might have about half a dozen or so people who fall into that category at our bar and I just feel really sorry for them.

"They're not coming out and getting drunk, they might have three pints and then that's their night done, they go home.

"I've got friends in the bar and pub industry and they can't open.

"If you've got a pub and it's table service and you adhere to that and people are keeping a safe distance away from each other it's a little bit of socialising on the brain.

"It's difficult but I think they should be able to open."

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For Keith and Janey, the first six weeks as bar owners was a bit of a whirlwind and although lockdown killed their early momentum, it also provided them with the chance to stop and take stock.

Northwich Guardian:

Janey and Keith behind the bar at their new business venture on Witton Street.

Keith added: "After being open for that first six weeks it's given us the time to sit down and assess everything.

"We started off so well, doubling the takings in the those first few weeks and it was all going so fast.

"Although we didn't want to be in lockdown, it has given us that chance to just sit down and think about where we need to go next.

"We've got a lovely little following now which is great and we can't wait to see everyone again."

The bar is re-opening its doors next Wednesday (December 2) and Keith said he just hopes people will be excited to be able to get out again and enjoy the bars noted ambience.

"Hopefully people will be chomping at the bit a little to have that meal out rather than going to Asda for their shopping," he said.

"It's looking good for us, especially if we can stay in Tier 2 and not move up to Tier 3.

"It'll be lovely to see everybody again and for people to get out and have have a family meal out.

"We obviously might lose some money from the bar takings, especially from the people who like to come in for a cocktail of a Friday night.

"Before lockdown we were generally taking mostly pre-bookings but we did have a situation where we'd have to turn people away and tell them to come back in twenty minutes.

"If you want to make sure you can eat when you want to, I'd recommend people do make a booking.

"I'd like to thank those customers who actually made bookings during lockdown in the hope we'd be able to re-open."

For bookings, please call the bar on 07340 681834 or e-mail bookings@templecafebar.co.uk.