Last week I discussed ways to create luscious lashes, and it reminded me that eyes seem to be a focus now in terms of the beauty and fashion industry, eyebrows are important in how they frame our faces.

There are many people who desire to create that statement brow, and the desired look for eyebrows are much thicker and more defined than ever before.

Brow shapes have changed and developed over the years, and the older generations are now paying the price from over plucking from fashions gone by.

I remember when I was a child watching my great grandmother drawing on her eyebrows, how things have changed.

The problem with over plucking over time has meant that some people’s brows haven’t grown back or are very thin, which is problematic if you then yearn for thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, who is famous for her thick, well defined brows.

I personally think that the best look for eyebrows is when they look natural and effortless, even though they are well groomed.

To look like this though does take a little effort.

The thing that people often forget is that our faces are not symmetrical, so trying to get the eyebrows to look even and well balanced is a feat, even for the experts.

A professionally tinted and shaped brow can make a huge difference in how you look.

Eyebrows are there to prevent sweat, water and debris from falling in to the eye.

The eyebrows help to create our expression and frame our faces. It is no wonder that when a person starts to loose the hair on their brows that it can cause a lot of distress.

There are many reasons for this hair loss such as, Alopecia, Stress and anxiety, Ageing, pregnancy and childbirth, Chemotherapy, Thyroid problems, Nutrient deficiencies, certain skin disorders and diseases or general overplucking over a period of time. All is not lost as nowadays there are many solutions to create thicker brows or stimulate natural growth.

Combating thinning brows

  • If you are concerned about an associated underlying health or medical condition you should always seek advice from your GP, who can always refer you to the correct specialist if necessary. There are some medical treatments available to help certain conditions.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, be sure to eat Omega three and Omega six fatty acids, you can always take supplements too, check with an expert.
  • Take an over the counter hair supplement which can sometimes stimulate hair growth, remember results can take a few months to achieve.
  • Buy a specific brow conditioner or treatment.
  • Hide hair loss with the use of semi-permanent makeup or microblading for a natural look.
  • For a less invasive look there are many brow pencils and gels to create a fuller brow.

Northwich Guardian:

Hide hair loss with the use of semi-permanent makeup or microblading

If you have been born with naturally thin brows, then just work with what you have, I much prefer a natural brow than a look of two bushy caterpillars sitting above the eyes. If you keep them well shaped and tinted, they will frame your face in a soft natural way.

There are master classes in brow shaping online, but I recommend that you research what you want to realistically achieve and get a professional brow treatment if you can.

How to create a shape

  • Plucking: Always sterilise your tweezers before use, I have very sensitive eyes, so this is a much better method for me than waxing, which tends to leave my skin very red for a few days afterwards. This method is accurate and inexpensive if doing yourself. Sharp tweezers are needed. It is much more difficult to get rid of the fine and downy hair.
  • Waxing: There are two methods using either warm wax or hot wax to remove the hair at the root. This method does leave the skin very smooth and hair free. Care must be taken not to remove the hairs that you want to keep.
  • Sugaring: This is a similar concept to waxing but is said to be better for a more sensitive skin as it tends to cause less trauma to the skin.
  • Threading: This is a similar method to plucking but thin cotton is twisted to create tension and rolled to remove the unwanted hairs.
  • Tinting: Always do a patch test in the crease of the elbow or however the manufacturer instructs you to test. After 48 hours if no reaction has occurred then you can proceed to tint. Protect the surrounding skin with Vasaline to prevent the tint from tinting parts of the skin that you don’t want to be tinted. Tinting lasts between four to six weeks.
  • Microblading: This is fantastic for thin or overplucked brows. This is a semi-permanent method, which creates the look of hair using a fine needle to draw hair with special pigment. This must be done by a qualified professional.

Northwich Guardian:

A professionally tinted and shaped brow can make a huge difference in how you look

Brow down to these Top Tips

  • Get a good professional if you can afford to look after your brow shape, you can always keep on top of them in between by following their guide.
  • Have the right tools, A brow brush, slanted stainless steel tweezers, small sharp brow scissors. You can also use an eyebrow stencil to help create the right shape. Keep it natural though!
  • Fill in your brows. Choose the right colour brow pencil, powder or gel. Once the right shape has been created a gel even if clear can help to keep your eyebrows in place all day.
  • Always get a patch test if you are tinting or using a new product.
  • Keep your eyebrows in good condition. Eat a balanced diet. Include your Omega oils and use a brow conditioner.
  • Research your favourite looks and tips on the internet.
  • Get a regular tint, this will keep the brows looking defined even when you are makeup free.
  • Go for an experienced professional if you are considering semi-permanent makeup or microblading. Ask to see their portfolio of work.
  • Keep it soft – avoid going too dark and when using makeup on the brows remember to blend and avoid harsh lines.
  • Remember to remove makeup before going to bed. You can always apply a brow conditioner or some Vaseline.

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