PLANS to transform a playing field in Davenham have been given the thumbs up by local residents.

Davenham Parish Council announced last month how it had been applying for funding and that monies would be used to primarily transform the Butchers Style field.

As part of the plans, the council outlined its plans to build a pathway around the field, install adult fitness equipment, a skateboard track, a play area for toddlers as well as life sized version of the Snakes and Ladders board game.

More than 125 people provided feedback with the most popular aspect being the idea to build a small children's play area with a few pieces of equipment that would incorporate a disabled child's swing.

Elaine Hamlett, Clerk of the Parish Council said: "All the proposals were very positively received and we have your views on which would be a priority and will use this to plan next steps whilst also taking into account concerns and guidance offered from you about how to execute them.

"As we are still in the grip of coronavirus we felt the quickest impact we can make is to progress the walkway around Butchers Style and we will try and do this as fast as is possible.

"There were concerns raised about drainage which we will incorporate into the specification and design with the contractor to get the best possible result.

"As we will have contractors on site it makes sense to also install the grass grid for event parking at the same time.

"Excess soil will then be used to create a feature mound in a less well drained area which can then become a wildflower area in due course."

Further results of the consultation with local residents revealed 87% in favour of a footpath being created which would go around the whole field, while 86% said they wanted to see CCTV installed and being accompanied by suitable lighting.

The building of a skateboard track for local teenagers and outdoor gym equipment for the health and wellbeing also proved to be popular ideas, as did those to improve the Village Green, with the planned installation of a mosaic depicting all of the groups and organisations that operation within the village.

Despite the overwhelming amount of positivity for the majority of the plans, the one that received the most muted response was an idea to install a large mosaic Snakes and Ladders board on the Butchers Style, with just 53% in favour, due to concerns about its use and maintenance.

Elaine added: "There were many comments and passion about football - we will meet with Davenham Junior FC in the coming weeks and start to plan further next stages, likewise we have requested a meeting with the cricket club to further a joint collaboration amongst all parties.

"Several people volunteered their contact details or to be further involved - a member of the team will be in touch to discuss further with them during this month."