ONE of Northwich's most unique businesses is asking its customers to Geek In To Help Out during the current lockdown.

Board Beans, based on Witton Street, is a cafe with a difference, offering its customers the chance to play hundreds of board games while enjoying an array of fine refreshments.

Northwich Guardian:

Board Games is based on Witton Street.

Having opened the business in April 2019, Betsy and Frazer Eden, have developed a loyal following with people around the town, but the Covid-19 pandemic has left them with no choice but adapt.

Betsy said: "Since we opened, we have seen so many changes.

"Covid has meant we have had to adapt quickly to all the changes this year.

"During the first lockdown we began operating on a monthly games rental basis as well as online game sales that we delivered to customers by hand and within Covid restrictions, allowing every game to be quarantined between use.

"When we re-opened as a cafe we continued to quarantine games and made our it as safe as possible with screens around each table, bar area, and a more accessible games library, enabling customers to access games more safely around others."

When the government announced a new four week national lockdown a couple of weeks ago, Betsy and her team of wonderful staff have had to think of even more creative ways to keep going and hit upon the idea of 'Geek In To Help Out' - a home delivery service with a difference.

"This time our games come with all the treats our customers enjoy in store, including cake, sweet and savoury snack pots and soft drinks," Betsy explained.

"We even have our own Eden ground Coffee Bean accompanied with a cafetiere, so people can enjoy the whole Board Beans experience at home.

"Each box costs £28 and customers get to keep the games for three nights.

"So far they have gone down so well, keeping us busy and ensuring our business survives during this difficult time.

"We honestly can’t thank our customers enough for their support.

"We love seeing them all, in and out of the cafe, and it feels like we are providing an important service in order to keep everyone's spirits up while we wait out this second lockdown until we can see everybody return to the cafe when we can.

"We are super proud of the Cafe and feel like Northwich is proud to have us, the amount of people who are supporting us by ordering the boxes has been phenomenal."

Northwich Guardian:

A Geek Out To Help Out games box.

Each 'Geek Out To Help Out' box contains three board games, which are kept for three nights, four hot drinks (to be prepared at home), two pieces of cake, two packets of Pipers crisps and two snack pots (sweet of savoury).

For further information or to place an order, go to or call 01606 334148.