WEALTHY homeowners in Cheshire are investing in some of the most sophisticated intruder detection systems currently available in the UK.

In fact, it is believed that the small, but affluent, county could now be ahead of London in terms of the usage of such state-of-the-art systems.

Regular alarms are no longer enough to prevent break-ins and car thefts, with homeowners now being advised to secure the perimeter of their property so that intruders can be detected even before they make an attempt at the residence.

More than this, many systems are now detecting people loitering near properties which could be a sign they are planning a break-in or theft and warning householders of its potential imminence.

And it seems the Cheshire dwellers have good reason to be investing in the systems now, as official figures show that during the initial lockdown period between March and May of this year, the number of burglary related incidents reached exceptionally high levels with 935 incidents in the Cheshire area alone.

In comparison, the same three-month time period between June and August revealed a statistic of 701 - a drop of 25%.

So, as Cheshire dwellers settle into the November lockdown, it is suspected that this figure may soon rise again.

This is especially likely as Christmas draws closer and many households start to splurge their savings, which might have otherwise gone towards outings and holidays, on presents for their loved ones.

Chris Quirk, founder of Hale-based home protection business StrongBox Security, said: "Our customers are investing in the most sophisticated monitoring solutions available.

"This includes Davantis video analytics detection systems, thermal imaging cameras and automatic number plate recognition systems.

"They’re the most advanced solutions on the market, but given how areas such as Alderley Edge, Hale and Wilmslow are probably one of the most targeted locations in the UK, they’re definitely needed.

"On top of this, the official findings reveal an alarming pattern - that a potential second lockdown combined with the festive period could increase the occurrence and severity of break-ins even more.

"So, I would advise all those who have not installed these high-quality, multi-layered surveillance and security systems yet, to look into their options and ensure the safety of their home and their loved ones."

Leading security technology provider Business Insight 3 is providing the technology solutions to StrongBox.

Chris Eccles, Head of Sales at the company, adds that the advanced video analytics technology, which has Secured by Design police preferred specification, is the same sophisticated system that helps keep high profile buildings such as stately homes, castles, and other iconic landmarks secure.

He said: "As criminals get more and more advanced in their methods, so does the technology that detects them.

"The service and delivery of these solutions needs to be of the highest level to make sure we keep one step ahead of the intruders."