A GROUP of Northwich ghost hunters are on a mission to find out what makes the town go bump in the night.

Supernatural Seekers is a small group of like-minded people, keen to tap into the supernatural world and document their findings.

David Hitchens, a photographer, says he was first drawn into the world of ghosts by his friend Limara Foulkes, and since then, has managed to capture some spooky images of abandoned buildings and graveyards.

He said: "We initially started doing this around the Alderley Edge area, just taking photographs and things like that.

"But then people got interested so we set up a Facebook group and moved it to Northwich.

"We basically visit haunted sites and and do ouija boards and take photographs of any strange activity."

Northwich Guardian:

A ghostly orb caught on camera by David Hitchens.

The areas around Northwich that interest the group the most are Kennel Wood, Vale Royal Abbey and Ivy House Farm, which David says has been well documented as being haunted in the past.

He went on: "There's been plenty of times when things have flown off the ouija board.

"We did one recently in a graveyard and another in an abandoned building.

"We don't always do the ouija boards when we visit these places, as lots of people can get weirded out about them to be honest, especially when things begin to happen.

"At the moment, we're trying to find out more about Vale Royal Abbey and what documented stories there are about the place.

"If anyone out there has any information about that, that would be great."

Northwich Guardian:

The group visit sites around Northwich, including this graveyard.

With Halloween approaching, the group are planning on holding a ouija board seance from Ivy House Farm on Saturday night, but due to current Covid-19 restrictions, places are limited to just six.

However, the group plan on sharing the event on their Facebook page however, so fellow ghost hunters can watch on from the safety of their own homes.