PLANS have been outlined to develop a popular playing field in Davenham, including the provision of car parking and play equipment.

Davenham Parish Council has been applying for an S106 bid (monies from developer contributions to the local community) to improve the green spaces in the village.

The guidelines for the spending of the money are very specific and can only be used to enhance Green Spaces and Arts projects and following discussions the council said the Butchers Stile Playing Field will be the main area they will be focusing on.

As part of the plans, the council plan to build a pathway around the field, install adult fitness equipment, a skateboard track, a play area for toddlers as well as life sized version of the Snakes and Ladders board game.

Elaine Hamlett, on speaking on behalf of the parish council said: "We have installed drainage on the field and this is already beginning to improve the ground and hopefully this will improve even more with time.

"The field is used for walking and we thought it would be a huge improvement if we installed a pathway all around the perimeter of the field which would also serve as standing ground for parents and spectators of the Junior football.

With car parking restrictions in and around the village currently restricting the use of the field, the council also want to install grass parking grids on the field, close to the gate.

Elaine added: "These could support the parking for all football training and games and any events the village would host.

"This would reduce the need for vehicles to park on Mount Pleasant Road, which does cause some major congestion at these times.

"This would be restricted parking during field use only and would remain locked at all other times."

The plans also include the potential in improve the facilities on offer to older children and adults by the provision of four or five pieces of outdoor gym equipment which can be used daily as alternative keep fit regimes.

With the pathway construction likely to create excess soil, the council are proposing that be used to create a base for a skateboard track, which can then be professionally covered, creating a safe environment for children to play.

Other plans include a small toddler play area with a few pieces of equipment that would also incorporate a disabled child's swing.

Elaine said: "As we already have a play area for this age group on Laburnum Road we thought it better to just provide a small, but specific amount of equipment.

"There is a large mosaic Snakes and Ladders board planned which will be installed on Butchers Stile in between the fenced play area and the footpath.

"This will be a large scale board that children of all ages can use to play the game."

The Village Green would also benefit from some of the funding received, with the planned installation of a mosaic depicting all of the groups and organisations that operation within the village.

Elaine added: "The Village Garden would also undergo a transformation that will enable it to become somewhere to sit in comforting surrounding and capture the full meaning of village life."

Feedback on the proposals are welcomed by the council and are invited to be made by November 8, in several ways:

Via an online survey -

Alternatively you can comment by return email to or on the councils Facebook page.