SEVERAL more disgruntled patients at Sandiway surgery have contacted The Guardian pleading with health bosses to re-consider a decision to close it.

Despite Danebridge Medical Centre applying to NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to close the surgery, last week it was announced that Cheshire West and Chester Health Scrutiny Committee would be recommending any such move be postponed.

In an anonymous letter sent to The Guardian, a retired Cuddington couple added their weight to the campaign to save the surgery, saying the reasons for its closure were "shameful".

The couple said: "My wife and I have lived in Cuddington for 36 years and now we are in our late 80s we are more in need of the local surgery.

"We are worried that we will be unable to get the medical care we need if the local surgery is closed.

"How will we get our prescriptions provided and filled?

"We don’t know how much longer we will be able to drive and to get to Danebridge Medical centre means a bus to Northwich and crossing two main busy roads.

"The alternative is two busses (in and out of Northwich) to get to Kingsmead surgery.

"We will feel isolated and will have to rely on Neighbours or friends to help us.

"We are not the only people in this position. There are many pensioners in this village and some are affected more than us.

"The reasons we have been given for the closure are shameful, and whilst we have been informed of the cost of demolishing and providing a new building, we have not been told the cost of refurbishment.

"We feel sure that the real reason has not been given.

"The population of Cuddington must be about 6.000 and this does not take into account of the other small hamlets in the near vicinity who don’t have a surgery, and rely on being able to come to Cuddington.

"You might say do all this online, but we are not very computer literate and whilst we have tried to get prescriptions on line, we have failed to achieve it."

Another Cuddington pensioner, who chose not to be named, also told of the impact the proposed closure would have.

She said: "I don’t know what work is necessary for structural repairs and general refurbishment but the current layout has been deemed satisfactory since I registered there over 40 years ago.

"I realise there are new regulations but there were (before Covid) two doctors, two receptionists and often a nurse in attendance so what is the safety problem?

"The hours have already been mornings only in recent years.

"The public transport from Cuddington is non-existent as to use the train would mean a walk from Northwich station for a patient.

"The parking at Danebridge is difficult already so that would be even worse.

"If a doctor’s appointment is requested, it’s because of illness."

Another concerned patient said: "I moved into this area seven years ago and naturally needed to register with a GP.

"Sandiway was the nearest surgery and had reasonably good reports so I joined.

"I thought that as I get older and less mobile a Taxi or a lift to the surgery wouldn't be either too expensive or too much to ask.

"I was dismayed to find that the Doctors are looking to close it.

"I have used the services of Sandiway for Flu vaccinations and the occasional consultation and found it to be a congenial place to visit.

"Danebridge is a considerable distance away, would involve an expensive Taxi in both directions.

"This relentless campaign to close our surgery despite the obvious opposition and concern in the community seems to display a total disregard for the well being of patients who have come to rely on it for their primary health care.

"I hope they will reconsider, and realise the contribution that Sandiway Surgery has made to the well being of the local residents in the past and allow it to be of equal importance in the future."

The CWAC Health Scrutiny committee’s formal recommendation will now go to the NHS Cheshire CCG’s Primary Care commissioning committee meeting on November 5 where the surgery’s fate will be decided.