ALLOSTOCK’S Mangoletsi car dealership has secured retrospective planning permission for a controversial 2014 extension.

Cheshire West and Chester councillors gave the nod to the firm at this week’s planning committee, despite objections being lodged by the parish council.

There was contention over a canopy to the rear of the building, with neighbours also claiming it took light away from their back gardens.

At the meeting, Mangoletsi’s Chief Executive Fraser Hudson appealed to councillors for approval: “Our turnover has increased by 80 percent and staff numbers by 21 percent in the last five years.

“We have had this canopy for 26 years and it provides protection for valeters which is vital for health and safety purposes.”

Mr Hudson added that demands from individual manufacturers to have their ‘own showroom floor space’ meant staff offices had to be moved to a mezzanine level.

Previously, Allostock Parish Council lodged three objections to the scheme: “We have serious concerns about this development because of its proximity to and the visual impact on its near neighbours at Rusticott.

“This site is visible from Booth Bed Lane and the A50 and the lighting is an issue for all the surrounding roads as well as near neighbours. The intrusive lighting and glaring advertisements are inappropriate in the open countryside and the increase in light pollution has a detrImental effect on the area.”

However, councillors approved the application, which was conditional on lighting be turned off out of hours to minimise light pollution.