NORTWICH'S MP says Chancellor Rishi Sunak's new measures are 'not exactly furlough two' as he warned of the millions who have been left out.

Mike Amesbury, speaking exclusively to the Guardian, said how the measures, that were announced on Thursday would probably not be enough to save many in the likes of the hospitality sector.

The Chancellor announced a new job support scheme that he said would see the Government directly support the wages of people in viable jobs working at least a third of their normal hours.

Mike said: "It's far less helpful and generous than the furlough scheme.

"It's not exactly furlough two is it?

"We've been arguing as an opposition and with the unions for a sectoral response, the obvious one being from the likes of the hospitality sector.

"If you think about nightclubs for example, they've had to close, forced to close by what happened.

"Then there's lots of people locally who work in the events industry and the wedding sector, whose businesses have been shot to bits.

"If you include all the freelancers, there are some three million people who have been excluded from the provision that is soon coming to an end.

The new scheme, which will run from six months starting in November, is also open to the self-employed, with those who are eligible entitled to apply for a grant on similar terms and conditions as the job support scheme.

Mike added: "These measures don't help those people and they are on their knees, while a number of other businesses have already folded.

"I do fear in terms of the not too distant future.

"There are photographer's who also rely on the likes of the wedding industry, that was their bread and butter.

"It's clearly going to be a considerable amount of time until we get back to what we used to know as normal."

Alongside the plans to help save jobs, Mr Sunak also announced a 'pay as you grow' scheme to allow firms to repay bounce back loans over a period of up to 10 years, while VAT will also be kept at 5 per cent for hospitality and tourism until March 31, 2021.