DEMOLITION work is taking place at the site of the former Mid Cheshire College in Hartford.

The fate of the site, which became Warrington and Vale Royal College in 2017, was sealed in March as Cheshire West and Chester Council approved plans to knock it down for 108 homes.

Sharing a video as the diggers got to work on the fabric of the building, Mike Smith, A Vicar at St John's, the Parish Church of Hartford, said it was a 'sad day for Hartford'.

He tweeted: "Mid Cheshire College: the demolition of vocational training in Northwich and a criminal waste of public money.

"A sad day for Hartford, and all who care about the education of all our young people in this town."

Mike Amesbury, MP for Weaver Vale and a prominent vocal critic of the demise of the college said the demolition represented 'a tragedy'.

He said: "The demolition of the campus is a very sad day for education in Northwich.

"I've made no secret of my opposition to this at every step, calling on the principal to resign and starting a petition to save the campus.

"Through various meetings with government ministers and college leadership I pressed the very real need to keep this campus up and running.

"Sadly this fell on deaf ears and now generations of young people in Northwich will have to pursue their further education elsewhere.

"It is a tragedy."

Northwich Guardian: The diggers get to work on demolishing the former college.The diggers get to work on demolishing the former college.

The Guardian's last story on the site being readied for demolition on September 11, received many comments from our readers when we shared the post on our Facebook page, here are some of those:

Carol Watts said: "This is surely the biggest and most senseless piece of destruction ever to have occurred in the Northwich area.

"Especially the demolition of the Arts block which was only built in very recent years.

"The campus could have been used for numerous other community benefits, and the very last thing Hartford needs is yet more houses.

"It beggars belief. My late father was a governor and two of my children attended further education there."

Katie Harrington added: "It helped me to become a nurse as a mature student as I did my access course there.

"It helped my son go on to get his degree in live events.

"I think it's an appalling decision to destroy it.

"Yet again it seems to be big money for the few being prioritised over the needs of the many.

Paula Collie said: "I still cannot believe the amount of money that was wasted bringing this building up to date, it's criminal to have been allowed to knock this down to build even more houses in Northwich.

It would have been better left as it was, so many more houses yet not one extra doctors surgery or school."

Paul Rowntree added: "I studied Engineering there in the 80's and my wife studied Art in the new build just over 6 years ago.

"It makes us quite emotional that it's being demolished."