SCORING a goal in football is the emotional pinnacle, even more so if it is a crucial winning effort.

Likewise in rugby, getting over the line and touching down is the product of all the hard work that comes before it and a cause for jubilation.

Naturally, players celebrate these moments, emotions take over. It's the highs that people play the game for.

Covid-19 has changed many things though.

And, playing devil's advocate, we ask the question should scenes like those at Wincham Park on Saturday after Whitby Town scored against Witton Albion be repeated in the current climate?

Piling on a player can bring the face-to-face contact that sports are looking to avoid.

In professional rugby league, the governing body in the UK is now issuing £250 fines to players for celebrating tries.

It hasn't gone down well with some of the sport's coaches and players.

But at the same time we're being told from the top that the country is now in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

If sport is to continue, it needs to do so as safely as is possible.

Do you think rugby league's stance is a step too far, or should footballers be minimising their goal celebrations too.

Let us know what you think below.