Many weddings have been postponed, due to Covid, but one Northwich couple have transformed this disappointment into a generous and colourful gift to hundreds of strangers.

Becky and Tom planned to get married in May and had bought pretty packets of sunflower seeds ready for their guests.

When their wedding was inevitably postponed, instead of wasting the seeds, the couple kindly donated them to Transition Nothwich.

Alison Allum, coordinated the Sunflower Streets project: "We were so inspired by Becky and Tom's generosity that we wanted to use all the seeds.

"Although, the task of distributing nearly 1000 seeds seemed daunting, we needn't have worried.

"Within a week of advertising the project we had found homes for all of them.

"Transition Northwich encourage local people to make positive changes to improve their community and the environment.

"We want to encourage more people to reduce their car use for short local journeys, so we were delighted when volunteer, James Kelly, offered to deliver seeds around Hartford and Leftwich by bicycle.

"We're also very grateful to everyone who donated plant pots and compost."

The aim of the project was to build on the amazing community spirit created during lock-down.

Northwich Guardian:

Sunflowers at Northwich library

The group hoped that by encouraging participating residents to share their seeds with their neighbours, new friendships would be formed and streets would be brightened up with lots of flowering sunflowers.

Many of the sunflower growers are keen to make this an annual event in the town and Kandy Ellershaw, a Kingsmead resident who participated with her young family, explained why she enjoyed the project:

"It was a lovely activity to do with the children.

"We set up a table in the front garden with a lovely handmade sign that my daughter made inviting people to take a plant whilst out on their daily one hour walks.

"You could see just how much it cheered up each person who took one.

"Now, when walking around Kingsmead, when we see a sunflower, we wonder if it was one of ours.

"The ones we kept, are a joyful wonky bunch, whereas our neighbour opposite, has managed to grow hers to perfection.

"Once our flowers have stopped blooming, we plan to keep some seed for next year to do the same."

Transition Northwich care for three outdoor spaces, including the Northwich Library Garden, which is currently ablaze with sunflowers, being enjoyed by bees and passing shoppers alike.

Find out more about Transition Northwich's outdoor spaces, projects and ways to get involved on their facebook page or website: or email: