VILLAGERS in Hartford are looking for ways to light up local lives in the lead up to Christmas.

As an alternative to previous festive lantern parades in the village, which attracted some 150 visitors each year, community members want to encourage residents to continue in the spirit of the event by lighting up their homes and gardens.

Event organiser Paula Manley explained: “As with so many other events, it looks like the pandemic will put a stop these sorts of gatherings for the foreseeable future, but people really need something to cheer them up and look forward to.

“Although it won’t be possible to hold a lantern parade as we have done in previous years, it is still something that we can do – we just need to think a little bit more creatively.”

The idea is to encourage neighbours to join together to create a socially distanced lantern trails in their streets, lanes and avenues by making or buying their own lanterns to display on gates or windowsills throughout December – the brighter the better.

She added: “I’m sure there are lots of creative people out there with wonderful ideas about how we could make our own lanterns, how we could weather proof them, and make some stunning displays in the village.”

If you are interested if taking part in the event you can contact Paula via the Hartford Life Facebook page.