A CHESHIRE-based charity is seeking new ways of raising funds amid the Covid19 pandemic crisis.

Cheshire Down's Syndrome Support Group, like many thousands of charities around the country, has seen a reduction in its income due to the pandemic making it difficult to carry out fundraising activities.

Rebecca Goodier, Fundraising and Communications Manager for the charity said: "In these unprecedented times it has naturally become harder to fundraise, the Covid19 pandemic has meant we have had to cancel fundraising events which has affected our income stream.

"This is where we need your support more than ever."

One new potential funding stream is The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020, which Rebecca says is a different way of fundraising than the charity has been used to.

She went on: "The way The Big Give works is, we have to secure pledges from businesses/individuals of £100 or more by August 28.

"A total amount of £1000 is required and these pledges will be used to match fund online donations by our supporters in December. All pledges will need to be paid between December 8 2020 and January 15 2021."

In addition to this, the charity will also have an opportunity to raise online funds between December 1 and 8. The amount raised between these dates will also be match funded as part of The Big Give.

Rebecca added: "We will share some fundraising ideas with you closer to the time..... let’s not talk about Christmas just yet!"

To find out more about the Big Give go to https://www.thebiggive.org.uk/s/about.