WORK to prevent the spread of coronavirus at Leighton Hospital appears to have paid off.

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recorded no cases of Covid-19 being passed on to another patient at any of its sites for 49 days up to the start of this week, August 10, with this week’s figures not yet available.

From the first case of infection taking place at one of the trust’s sites in mid March to June 22, there were 95 definite cases of Covid-19 passed on at hospital, and 101 probable cases.

But the trust reviewed the way its sites were limiting the spread of the virus in mid June, and in the weeks since no definite or probably cases of Covid-19 being passed on were picked up.

Julie Tunney, director of nursing and quality at the trust, said: “Throughout the coronavirus pandemic we have reviewed our practises and processes based on the latest understanding of the virus.

“Following a review in June we put enhanced and additional measures in place that focused on continuing to reduce hospital-acquired coronavirus infections. These included inviting inpatients to wear a surgical face mask.

“We are pleased that the number of hospital-acquired cases has significantly reduced and would like to thank all of our staff for their efforts in ensuring that we remain robust in our approach to Covid-19.”

Figures from the trust show that hospital-acquired coronavirus cases peaked in the week beginning April 20, when there were 27 definite cases and 12 probable ones at the trust’s sites.

Although exact data on where the cases were picked up is not available, most cases were picked up in Leighton Hospital while some could have been at Elmhurst intermediate care centre in Winsford, but none were at Victoria Infirmary in Northwich.

Hospital sites are currently divided internally for patients with and without coronavirus, with staff working only in the same areas, to limit the spread of Covid-19.