THE coronavirus lockdown forced many of us to abandon offices and workplaces and begin to work from home.

For those who have had to, or been able to, work remotely beforehand, the transition may not have been that big, but for others it has been a whole new experience.

While some love being able to start work without long journeys to the workplace, others have missed the social interaction.

But Northwich councillors have said that the town is ideally suited for those that are expecting to continue working remotely for the foreseeable future.

Discussing the theory at last week’s Northwich Town Council meeting, Cllr Andrew Cooper said: “I would rather be selling houses and retail space in Northwich at the moment than owning commercial property in central London.

“Not everybody enjoys working from home, but a lot of people have enjoyed having an improved work-life balance, being able to spend more time with families and spending less time commuting.

“Towns like Northwich, which is surrounded by parkland, is in easy reach of big cities and has a decent town centre which is on the up, are not bad places to be.”

Northwich Guardian:

Marbury Park, by Guardian Camera Club member Alison Hamlin Hughes

This view was shared by Cllr Derek Bowden, who added: “The change in people’s behaviour, which seems to be going away from traveling to places and looking much more for things that are local and easily accessed, is going to be a massive benefit to towns like Northwich.

“There is tremendous potential.”

This comes after a report from hailed Northwich as the fifth best place to enjoy a socially-distanced summer break.

The report takes the UK locations that are home to the largest public parks, according to Ordnance Survey, and compares them against the UK’s most-visited staycation destinations.

Visitors to Northwich could explore the beautiful Marbury Country Park and Northwich Woodlands, while Vickersway Park is well worth a visit and Delamere Forest is just a stone's throw away.

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