A TEENAGE musician with autism is helping people all over the world cope with isolation.

André Adams, a pupil at Hartford CE High School, created a sound track recorded entirely from his own anxious ticks and sounds that have been triggered by the Covid-19 crisis.

The 14-year-old who has ADHD and learning differences, discovered that making music helped him during lockdown.

Zena Philippou, his school music teacher, encouraged André to enter the BBC Bitesize competition and he was thrilled to win it.

The gifted youngster's track is now reaching thousands of viewers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Mum Tracy, from Winsford, said: "The BBC Bitesize team re-edited it and within an hour it had more than 1,000 views. André has inspired and helped many different people all over the world to adapt so they do not feel alone."

Northwich Guardian:

André created a sound track recorded entirely from his own anxious ticks and sounds that were triggered by the Covid-19 crisis

André has now been selected by his school to have private lessons once a week with a professional musician throughout the summer holidays.

"He is teaching him how to use advanced equipment that is used in the music industry," said Tracy. "He has only had three lessons so far. He is learning completely new techniques with this system which is brilliant. It is very exciting."

Tracy says her son was able to sing before he could talk and has always been drawn to music. The youngster won a talent show when he was only 10, just six months after learning to play The Pink Panther.

André is now using his instruments, the saxophone and drums, instead of his voice, to create music with an Ibiza vibe using GarageBand app on his laptop.

The latest track he has produced is called Pressure.

Northwich Guardian:

Musician André uses instruments on his latest track

"It is giving him a new focus and great confidence," said Tracy. "I can see this becoming a career route for him in the future in creating soundtracks for radio, film and TV."

André has been practising his saxophone along Whitegate Way and in Little Budworth woods as he couldn't play instruments in his bedroom as his dad Nick is working from home.

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The young musician performed on the virtual Accessible Festival on Zoom every Sunday throughout July.

"André should have been performing live on stage in Bury in May but it was cancelled due to Covid-19. It was a free festival aimed at people with disabilities.

"I am incredibly proud of him.

"André has turned a negative into many positives helping his mental health and also children and adults in the same position."