A CALF was seen starting to choke on an empty crisp packet dumped by litter louts at a popular beauty spot.

This disturbing picture was captured by Charlie Mooney, from Northwich, when he visited Pickmere Lake with friends on Friday.

Empty beer cans, bottles and rubbish were found discarded on the ground, posing a fatal risk to grazing cattle.

Northwich Guardian:

Litter left discarded at Pickmere Lake Picture: Charlie Mooney

Charlie said: “It's disgusting and disappointing to see three month old calves starting to choke because kids teenagers and families can't be bothered to clean up after themselves.

“Not only is it inconsiderate for someone else's property also inconvenience for whoever had to clean your mess up. This will kill young animals. It has to stop.

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Northwich Guardian:

A calf could be injured on discarded beer cans Picture: Charlie Mooney

“If you're going there please don't leave it up to someone else to clean up. Don't be happy to sit in a field covered in litter even if it wasn't you please help out instead of turning a blind eye.”

Northwich Guardian:

The lives of young calves are being put at risk by irresponsible litter louts Picture: Charlie Mooney

Families enjoying picnics at Pickmere Lake Country and Leisure Park are urged to bring their litter home.