TELEVISION viewers in Northwich who use Freeview will need to retune their sets next month or risk losing channels.

Some channels are moving to new airways to make room for future mobile broadband services as part of a major national engineering project.

This will take place on Wednesday, August 12, at the Winter Hill transmitter and five others across the north west.

Kate Macefield, programme director at Freeview, said: "We’re making sure viewers are aware of these changes to local airwaves so that they can continue watching their favourite programmes on Freeview.

"Retuning usually only takes a few minutes but, if anyone is unsure of what to do, there will be plenty of information available on our website and from our advice line team.

"These final required updates mark the completion of a major engineering programme in the north west and will clear the way for improved mobile services across the region."

Engineering work will begin at midnight and services will be off-air until 6am.

After this, any viewers who find they are missing channels can retune, and some residents may have their viewing disrupted until late afternoon.

Retuning should be straightforward and some TV equipment will retune automatically.

Some older aerials may need to be replaced to continue receiving all channels, and viewers may be eligible for free in-home support, including aerial work if needed.

Satellite and cable TV will not be affected.

For more information, including details on how to retune, call 0808 100 0288 or visit