FOR some people summer holidays can fill people with dread at the thought of exposing their body in a bikini or costume, for others even wearing shorts if they suffer with cellulite will make them want to hide due to the look of unsightly cellulite.

Cellulite is where there are deposits of subcutaneous fat within the connective tissue usually found often on the hips, thighs and buttocks, but can also be found on the stomach and breasts.

Cellulite can be recognised by the skin looking dimpled or puckered – sometimes described as the look of orange peel. The skin can also look bumpy.

Cellulite effects women more than men, due to hormones and the distribution of fat in women. Men in general tend to have stronger connective tissue and collagen.

Teenagers can have cellulite, but it is found more often in adults.

The true cause of cellulite is unknown but it is believed that age, hormones, genetics and lifestyle could be contributory factors.

Cellulite can be found on people who are overweight but thin people can also suffer with cellulite too.

How to beat cellulite

There are lots of articles online with advice and claims.

I think that there are ways to improve cellulite, but you do need to keep up with whatever treatment works for you or it is likely to return. Watch out for false claims though!

Give your lifestyle an overhaul. Stress often causes us to make the wrong lifestyle choices, causing us to either overeat or reach for sugary food.

Smoking and drinking alcohol will not help your cellulite.

An inactive lifestyle will not stimulate your circulation, so get moving and start with some light exercise and aim to increase it as you get fitter. It will help your mood as well as improve your cellulite.

Top tips

  • Do localised exercises that concentrate on your problem area – jogging, cycling, squats and lunges will target those problem areas
  • Cut out sugary foods and follow a healthy balanced diet
  • Eat plenty of brightly coloured fruit and veg as they contain a lot of antioxidants
  • Avoid processed foods – particularly ones with lots of additives, salt, and sweeteners to avoid a toxin trigger – and eat organically grown foods where possible
  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Body brush – shower first and dry your skin well then use a body brush on affected areas to apply a cellulite-busting body oil to increase blood circulation
  • Drink no more than three cups of green tea a day – it is a good antioxidant and is thought to help as part of a weight loss programme
  • Try taking apple cider vinegar by mixing two tablespoons of it in eight ounces of water, alternatively you can buy the supplements in tablet form
  • Make sure you get the right amount of vitamin C to boost collagen levels in the skin
  • Eat asparagus for its anti-inflammatory properties – it is said to reduce bloating and stimulates the removal of toxins from your body
  • Include tomatoes in your diet as they are said to help reduce the visibility of cellulite
  • Include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet which are found in fish, avocados, nuts and olives or olive oil – important for skin health
  • Have a lemon every day for detoxifying – I like a hot lemon drink with just lemon squeezed in boiling water, but it can affect tooth enamel so let it cool and drink through a straw
  • Reduce stress levels and factor in your daily routine some relaxation time – this will keep your body healthy and avoid stress triggers for example stress eating and consuming the wrong foods
  • When showering, once you are washed before you get out of the shower use cold water and direct the cold shower to the cellulite affected area – this will get your local circulation stimulated
  • Bathe in an anti-cellulite bath blend, using Lemon and Rosemary or rosemary and juniper, six drops of each of your two chosen oils
  • After body brushing massage cellulite-affected areas with an anti-cellulite oil every day – you can blend your own with five drops of fennel oil, 10 drops of grapefruit and 10 drops of lemon essential oils in 30ml of evening primrose oil.

Cellulite affects celebrities too

Always remember that when you look at actors and celebrities in magazines or watch them on TV or in movies, their bodies are air brushed to make them look perfect.

Many stars have have admitted to suffering with cellulite. Most women do!

Remember you can improve it but you need to keep on top of it by using the best methods that work for you.

There are salon treatments available too, but if you go back to eating an unhealthy diet your cellulite will return.

With the opening of gyms being imminent you should be able to get some good exercise advice.

If you are afraid to enter the gym there are plenty of exercise classes online. I recommend Fit Mums or Fit Dads who do fantastic outdoor workouts or you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

The instructors give great advice whilst programming great workout sessions which are fun too.

In my late twenties I did try a very low sugar diet with eating three healthy meals a day and that really worked for me along with body brushing exercise and body oils.

Over time it drastically reduced my cellulite and did make me less self-conscious in a bikini. I think I need to go back and try again!

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