NORTHWICH mayor Kevin Rimmer has called for the recent increase in vandalism across the town to end.

This follows fires being lit near Saxons Lane pump track, where a young tree was also snapped, a picnic bench being torched near Old Hall Road play area and a bin being set alight near the A556 near Leftwich.

READ>> "I’ve not seen anti-social behaviour like this in Northwich for a long time."

The councillor says that there are much better ways to spend time rather than destroying things installed for the benefit of the community.

He told the Guardian: “I appreciate that lockdown was really difficult for everyone, but as town mayor, I would encourage people to actively engage in whatever good is happening in the community.

Northwich Guardian:

“There are better ways to spend time that setting fire to things.

“I don’t get the mentality of destroying things that are in place to enhance areas and for people to enjoy.

“It is just wanton vandalism and it has to stop.”

Cllr Rimmer has also urged people to stop leaving litter in Northwich’s green spaces and says it will give visitors a negative impression of a town which is on the up.

Northwich Guardian:

He added: “There are bins in place, and I would encourage people to use them.

“People should not have to spend their time picking up rubbish after other people.

“Anyone coming into Northwich will have a negative view on the town after seeing such litter.

“Northwich is a town which is massively on the up, but litter brings the whole character of the town down.

“It is as easy to walk to a bin as it is to throw rubbish on the floor.”