COUNCILLORS have condemned the level of anti-social behaviour and litter which seems to have increased throughout the town recently.

A number of incidents have been reported to police, including fires being lit near Saxons Lane pump track, which also saw a nearby tree snapped, a picnic bench being torched near Old Hall Road play area and a bin being set alight near the A556 near Leftwich.

Councillors also spoke of their disappointment over the amount of litter which has increased since lockdown restrictions were eased.

Pictures show piles of food and drink packaging left on Chinkers Field, with similar spikes in litter also being reported on Moss Farm and in other green spaces across the town.

Northwich Guardian:

Last week, residents living near Moss Farm organised a meeting in which it was agreed that extra measures will be looked at to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour.

Speaking about the recent spike in incidents in the town, Cllr Andrew Cooper said: “I’ve not seen anti-social behaviour like this in Northwich for a long time.

“Children are obviously bored and many have not been to school since March. It must be really difficult for their mental health going through GCSE year and not having that closure at the end, but at the same time, this does not excuse them setting fire to things.

“We need to really think as a community about how to respond to incidents like this, as it is not enough to clench our fists as that won’t solve the problem.

“We all need to work together to look at how we can solve it and how we can make children feel like they have something to work towards.

“Again, this does not excuse this destruction being caused, which has to stop.

“Parents need to have a think about where their children are and what they are doing.”

A Cheshire West and Chester Council officer visited Saxons Lane pump track to check on the damage caused by two arson incidents nearby and found damage to the grassed surface at the side of the pump track boundary.

A council spokesman added: “We condemn all incidents of vandalism and support Cheshire Police’s efforts to identify those responsible.

“Council officers will continue to monitor the site.”

Northwich Guardian:

Two arson incidents have been reported near Saxons Lane pump track recently

Cllr Sam Naylor says that he too has noticed more litter in and around the town, and has urged residents of all ages to take rubbish home with them after visiting open spaces.

He said: “The amount of litter is increasing everywhere, and it is becoming a real issue.

“It is not just kids, as adults are doing it as well. People have been locked down and are sensing a new freedom.

“There is a definite increase in litter and we will try to get that message across that people can and should get out and enjoy open spaces, but please take litter home afterwards.

“It is anti-social and it is not on.”