BORIS Johnson is now urging people to wear face coverings in shops, days before an announcement will be made on whether their use will be compulsory in England.

The Prime Minister said today, Monday, that a formal review was under way after the Government faced calls for clarity on wearing face masks.

This means stricter measures for shoppers in England could bring the nation into line with Scotland, where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made it compulsory to wear a face covering in shops as of Friday.

Mr Johnson, wearing a covering during a visit to the London Ambulance Service, said: "I think people should be wearing face masks in shops and in terms of how we do that, whether we will be making that mandatory or not, we will be looking at the guidance, and we will be saying a little bit more in the next few days.

"We will be looking in the next few days about exactly how, with what tools of enforcement, we think we want to make progress.

"As the virus comes down in incidence and we have more and more success, I think face coverings are a kind of extra insurance we can all use to stop it coming back and stop it getting out of control again."

Labour had called on the Government to address the 'confusion' around the use of non-surgical masks, saying the public were getting mixed messages.

Shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, wrote: "Conflicting advice and conflicting statements from the Government only hinder our fight against the virus.

"Clear communication is vital in combating the spread of Covid-19.

"For the public to know that they are doing the right thing in shops, restaurants and other crowded places, I am asking that you urgently set out the position on face coverings.

"As lockdown rules are further relaxed this week, it is vital that updated guidance on this issue is published by the Government without delay."