AN up and coming hip-hop group formed in Northwich are hoping to emulate the successes of The Charlatans following the release of their latest single.

Exchecker is made up of vocalist Cameron Chadwick, 21, and producers Sam Oakley, 21, and Will Scrowther, 20, and the trio have had their tracks played on BBC Radio Nottingham.

The band’s latest track ‘Halcyonaphile’ was released on Spotify this morning, Friday, and they are hoping to continue their rise with the aim of becoming Northwich’s next big musical export.

Explaining how the band came to be, Cameron said: “We’ve been best mates since studying together at The County High School, Leftwich and we were always in bands and playing concerts.

“They both went into music production at university and are massively talented at making beats. I produce the words and everything comes together.

“While at university in 2017, we started doing hip-hop stuff and messing about with beats and ideas, finding things that work and getting better at it over time.

“I went to university in Nottingham and spent a lot of time on the open mic scene, which is where we got together most of the tunes for our release – The Rumshine – last year.

“That has a jazzy style and early Kanye West vibe which people really took to, and we ended up performing on the main stage at Nottingham’s Rock City.”

Halcyonaphile sees the lyrics of Cameron combined with melodies from Nate Watt and Bruno Rogers, who both feature, and the track offers something a bit different from the band’s first extended play.

Northwich Guardian:

“Our last EP was quite out there and bold – that was like the party and this one is the aftermath and the morning after,” Cameron continued. “All of our songs are emotion-led, while this ties everything together."

“It’s a universally relatable tale and I think that’s why Nate and Bruno were really able to connect with what we had.”

Looking to the future and his aim for the band, Cameron added: “Northwich hasn’t had that big musical export since The Charlatans, and while we’re a completely different dimension, I am a massive fan.

“We’re from the same area and have the same experiences – without Northwich, we wouldn’t have inspiration for our music.

“The Charlatans played Rock City and so did we, so why not aim for that? If you’ve not got an aim, then what’s the point? I’d love to get us to the position where they are – still releasing quality music and still having a great following 20 or 30 years on.”

To listen to Halcyonaphile, visit or search for Exchecker on Spotify.