THIS month has seen the world of Rugby Union looking at salaries and how the crazy money in the top tiers is driving the game towards a financial abyss.

Here at Northwich RUFC the love of the black shirt and the joy of the game on Saturday, or on Sunday morning, offers reward enough for those who love the sport.

Moss Farm has taken severe criticism over recent weeks regards dog fouling and unsocial behaviour by a minority, however the rugby ground’s playing surface, and the clubhouse as a whole is equal to any “like for like” venue.

You will find it looking magnificent in this extended close season. The aspect and the condition of the rugby enterprise has never looked more appealing. Anyone who loves the oval ball and the game we play does not need any greater incentive to play here. Who would not want to play on any of these fields?

This condition is only made possible by “The Blacks” who perform those thousands of jobs and have affection for NRUFC.

They do not need plaudits and awards but work silently and tirelessly for the benefit of the players and all who are served by this facility.

Those officials, and unsung people too, who work behind the scenes in countless ways do so because they feel a special affinity for the black shirt and this special place. We all need to take a pride in Moss Farm. We all need to promote it.

As players at this moment, who miss the thrill of the game, this particular period of summertime blues has meant a longer break from all of this: the training, the atmosphere and excitement of the Moss Farm fix.

Rugby lovers await September with a special tinge of expectation and summer sports rarely fill that lacuna.

A number of our members play summer cricket or 5-a-side football sessions in the close season, and these competitive games take on a life of their own with some energetic games and skilful players who could have played that game in competition (so I’m informed!). An eye for the ball is a great asset in any sport.

But these are only hors d’ oeuvres. The real deal comes with that oval ball opener in September. So when these shackles are finally loosened the training schedule will be as important as any in recent years. Be there, a big season awaits.

The committee has also been busy. We are operating within a development plan that will enable the club to continue to flourish, and on revised sponsorship packages to bring in much needed income. This will include the ability to sponsor individual players.

Talking about players, the club is continually recruiting to further strengthen the 3 senior squads.

Northwich 1st are level 5 in the RFU league structure, North Premier Division, with both other squads in the Halbro North West leagues and all our junior playing squad.

Northwich are always keen to recruit players who are new to the area, looking at either getting back into the game or wanting to give something new a try.

If you know anyone who is interested in joining ask them to contact