EVEN if you were lucky enough to fit in a trip to your hairdressers before March 23, by now you’re no doubt feeling the pain of an outgrown cut or colour.

But as tempting as it might be to DIY your do, Northwich hair stylists Adam Fox and Matthew Thomas, advise your to step away from the box dye and continue to give your hair a breather for that little bit longer.

The pair, who own Fox Hairdressing in Castle, say it’s a great time to be kind to your tresses, especially those split ends, and to ensure a happy stylist the next time you visit the salon.

While more than three months of root regrowth might be giving you cause for concern, using an off the shelf product isn’t recommended for several reasons.

Adam explained: If you are considering using a box colour, as professional hair stylists strongly advise against this.

“High street box dyes are created and produced with the masses in mind but in our opinion when it comes to hair colouring it’s not the case of one colour fits all.

“These sorts of products don’t take into account your personal needs that as colour technicians we take time to assess.

“We take into consideration all factors to then tailor a colour by mixing different shades to make that perfect colour for your individual needs.”

He added: “To disguise those roots, do a zig zag parting because this will muffle those roots and stop it from being a screaming badger.”

When it comes to styling, they recommend easing off the heat and giving your split ends a chance with a little TLC.

Adam said “During lockdown, the prevention of regularly heat styling your hair and most importantly your split ends is a massive favour to your stylist. Also, it’s key to take care in brushing your hair and not being rough, just gently gliding your brush through.

“When you have tricky knots, use professional detangling products and be gentle, gently teasing and working your way up from the very ends and slowly working your way up, please be patient and your hair will release from the knot.

“If you wanted to step it up a notch, comb through with conditioner through mid-lengths and ends but not on the roots when washing this will help smooth the cuticle and prevent further split ends.”

And for those of you having to take regular video meetings Adam suggests: “Use lots of dry shampoo, tie up your hair in a nice sleek pony, it will disguise those roots and also look super stylish.”

While salons across the country hope to open soon, Adam and Matt advise a little patience.

Matt added: “We do understand that you are desperate to have your hair done, but please wait for us and we promise you won’t regret it, we are so grateful for all clients that are waiting patiently.”