PUB chain JD Wetherspoon has promised that it will fix netting at The Penny Black after birds were found dead.

The birds are believed to have found a way under the netting at a weak point and subsequently become trapped.

Netting such as this is widely used at Wetherspoon pubs across the country to prevent birds from nesting and to protect those walking below.

Pest teams have been notified to remove the birds and Wetherspoon says it will ensure that the netting is fixed to prevent this from happening again.

A spokesperson for the pub chain said: “We are saddened that birds have been found dead in the netting at The Penny Black pub.

“The pigeon proof netting is aimed at stopping birds from nesting and also from causing problems for customers below.

“We have netting at many of our pubs across the UK and it has been in use at The Penny Black for a considerable time.

“In this instance the birds were able to get into the netting and unfortunately were unable to release themselves.

“We have alerted a pest control team and they will take the birds away and ensure that the netting is secured so that this can’t happen again.”