A FIRE involving a BBQ at Delamere Forest could have become a ‘large scale incident’, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has warned.

Firefighters from Frodsham Fire Station were called out to the beauty spot shortly before 8.30am this morning, Friday.

The source of the call out was a small fire which was the result of a discarded BBQ.

Crews dampened down the BBQ and ensured that the area was safe, however the fire service has warned that the situation could have become a lot worse.

In a tweet, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This morning firefighters from Frodsham Fire Station attended a fire in Delamere Forest which could've caused a large scale incident involving a disposable BBQ and evidence of fireworks.

Northwich Guardian:

“With the hot and dry weather due, please avoid lighting fires or BBQ'ing in the countryside.”

A warning has also been issued by Forestry England, which maintains the forest.

A spokesperson added: “Due to the recent lack of rain, we're asking all visitors to our forests to leave the BBQs at home, not to light fires, and to make sure all cigarettes are put out and disposed of properly.”

Forestry England also said that it was saddened by people leaving rubbish strewn around Delamere earlier this week.

It said: “Some people have been using our woodlands to dispose of their litter.

“We are appealing to everyone to please respect our forest by taking your litter home.”