MIKE Amesbury has urged the Government to put safety first and listen to professionals when it comes to the planned reopening of schools.

The Weaver Vale MP says that concerns have been raised by education unions, teachers and health professionals about whether adequate social distancing can be maintained when some children return over the next few weeks.

And he says that he will continue to lobby ministers on the issue until progress is made.

“I’ve received a lot of correspondence from concerned parents about this in recent weeks,” he said.

“Everyone wants to see their child receiving the kind of education only teaching professionals can provide.

“More broadly, there is also sadly the issue of some children in our communities who are vulnerable and depend on school for the very basics such as meals and safeguarding.

“But for children to go back to school safely and for parents to have confidence and reassurance, it’s essential that the correct social distancing measures are in place.

"The Government needs to urgently work with schools, our local councils and education unions so that every school can implement a workable plan to ensure a safe return.

“I’ll continue to lobby ministers on this issue.”