HIGH schools in Northwich have been setting out their plans for allowing some pupils to return to school.

Schools have issued letters home to parents detailing how they will be welcoming some year groups back on site and what measures will be in place to safeguard both them and staff from coronavirus.

This comes after the Government announced that by June 1 at the earliest, primary schools in England may be able to welcome back children in nursery, reception and years 1 and 6.

The Government says that high schools should also be working towards the possibility of providing some face-to-face contact with year 10 and 12 students to help them prepare for exams next year.

In a letter to parents, Matthew Snelson, head of The County High Leftwich, said: “Our current plans are that from the June 8, we will continue to offer face-to-face support to some of our more vulnerable students.

“From June 15, the school is planning to provide some face-to-face support for our year 10 students to supplement home learning, which will continue to be provided for all students.

“Increased contact will be made with students from years 7 to 9 during the second half of the summer term.”

Lee Barber, head of Rudheath Senior Academy, has asked year 10 form tutors to call parents about the reopening of school, with feedback helping future planning.

In his letter, he says that the school will reopen on June 2 for year 10 students only, who will attend one session per day with staggered starting times and taught in bubbles of no more than 15.

This could potentially increase to two sessions per day by June 8.

He adds: “This will not be ‘school as normal’, with strict rules in place regarding movement around the building and clear structure regarding regular hand sanitisation and toilet breaks.”

Parents must indicate in advance whether they intend to send their child to school.

Head of Hartford CofE High Mike Holland told parents that at present, years 7 to 9 will not be returning until September at the earliest and that there will be ‘some face to face contact’ with year 10 students before the summer holiday.

Richard Woods, head of St Nicholas Catholic High, said: “We have been informed that years 7 to 9 will not return to school before September and years 10 and 12 may be afforded the opportunity for some ‘face to face’ sessions with teaching staff.

“We still await further guidance from the Department for Education regarding the exact nature of these sessions and once received, we will then be in a position to undertake next step planning.

“School will not be open for year 10 and 12 students from June 1. We will only be open for the continued provision offered to the children of key workers and vulnerable children.”

And at Weaverham High, headteacher Clare Morgan told parents that a full governing body meeting will take place on June 5, where she expects to be given consent to share initial proposals for partial reopening with parents.

A consultation with staff and union representatives is also planned for early next half term, and once any resulting action has been taken, the school will be in a position to share proposals with parents.

On allowing more students to return to school, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "I know how hard schools and parents are working to make sure young people can continue to learn at home, and I cannot thank them enough for that.

"But nothing can replace being in the classroom, which is why I want to get children back to school as soon as it is safe to do so.

"The latest scientific advice indicates it will be safe for more children to return to school from June 1, but we will continue to limit the overall numbers in school and introduce protective measures to prevent transmission.

"This marks the first step towards having all young people back where they belong, but we will continue to be led by the scientific evidence and will only take further steps when the time is right."