DEBATE surrounding the actions of Dominic Cummings has spilled out across the country.

Mr Cummings, who is chief advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, drove 260 miles in March from his home in London with his wife and ill child to his parents' farm in the north east.

In a statement explaining his actions, he said he believed he had acted ‘reasonably’ and ‘within the law’ surrounding lockdown restrictions.

But not everyone agrees with him, including those volunteering to help people self-isolating and Conservative council members representing Northwich and Winsford.

One such volunteer is Lee Siddall, who founded Winnington and Castle Good Neighbour Volunteers – a group which helps those isolating at home by delivering shopping and medicines.

He said: “As a leader of an organisation set up to help people self-isolating because of Covid-19, I feel the efforts of our volunteers have been hugely undermined by Dominic Cummings not following government advice that he was the architect of.

“The ‘stay at home’ message that so many volunteers helped to implement around the country has now been undermined, and it feels like a slap in the face for volunteers who have taken phone calls to pick up medication, repeat prescriptions, shopping and much more in order to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

“Some people have lost loved ones due to this pandemic and were unable to attend their funerals.

“You can make your own mind up if it was reasonable to self-isolate 260 miles away from his London home where community groups have been also created to help people self-isolating.

“I personally don’t think it was a good decision to do this, and it was not a good look for him or the Government at this time when communities are pulling together to stop the spread of Covid-19.

“I’m extremely disappointed with the 60-mile round trip to test his eyesight with his family in the car, including the young child he was supposedly trying to protect.

“In my opinion, it looked like a trip out for the family and has totally disregarded the rules that we all have been trying so hard to stick to.”

Another who believes Mr Cummings' actions were wrong is Cllr Helen Weltman, Conservative member for Davenham, Moulton and Kingsmead.

She said: “I don’t think he should have been driving up to the north east.

“He should have been doing what we all have been and should be doing.

“His actions are not fair on the rest of us who have been abiding by the rules.”

Offering a more sympathetic view, Cllr Lynn Gibbon, Conservative member for Marbury, said: “It’s a difficult situation and it depends on the way people interpret the guidance of looking after vulnerable people.

“When you have a sick child as a parent, you go by instinct.

“He took the decision that was best for his him and his family and it’s not for me to say whether that was right or wrong, but to have been hounded like he has by the media doesn’t show a good side of people.

“We all have to lead by example and not everything is black and white, so I’m struggling with his decision.”

And Cllr Mike Baynham, Conservative member for Winsford Over and Verdin, added: “I think for me, the lockdown rules are fairly clear.

“My own view is it is not really acceptable when people break those rules and knowingly do so.

“I personally would find it hard to justify a 260-mile trip to be within the rules, but I don’t have all the details.”

Cllr Phil Marshall, Conservative member for Marbury, believes the Government is best placed to make a deicision on Mr Cummings' future.

He said: "Firstly, I would like to thank all those volunteers and neighbours who have come together across the borough to support the vulnerable, during these difficult and worrying times.

“I don’t, however, see any direct correlation between this amazing community effort and decisions made by Dominic Cummings in early April.

"I am not in possession of all the facts that support his decisions, nor do I know the specific situation of his family.

"It is down to his employer, the Prime Minster, to decide whether his actions were justified under the circumstances and aligned with Government instructions at the time.”

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