Strange as it sounds I found myself in a traffic jam during the week.

There were several vehicles in front of me and I was interested in the cause of this slow moving convoy on such a quiet road.

To my utter surprise it was an electric milk float, something I hadn’t seen for years.

Each passing car gave the float driver a wave or a honk, which I thought was a nice gesture to show appreciation for someone delivering to our doorsteps despite the dreaded virus.

Our local shop has done a fantastic job keeping everyone supplied with fresh veg and essentials without the need to drive into town. For many vulnerable residents it’s been a lifeline.

Last week our chip shop opened allowing us in the door one at a time to buy our tea, which was a real treat.

Mrs B was ecstatic when I returned home with cod, chips and peas. I felt like Scott coming back from the Antarctic such was the welcome.

Let’s make an effort to support local businesses that have gone the extra mile to look after us when all this is over.

Life would have been so much harder without them.