THE possibility of children returning to school next month is not proving to be popular among Guardian readers.

This comes after Cheshire West and Chester Council confirmed that schools in Northwich can reopen in June if it is safe to do so.

Schools across the country closed from Friday, March 20, due to the risk posed to children from coronavirus.

Pupils in nursery, reception, year one and year six could return from June 1, but headteachers are considering what the best approach is for their own schools.

And after listening to Guardian readers, it is clear that the appetite for sending children back into school so soon is not a strong one.

Commenting on the Guardian’s Facebook page after the council’s announcement, Mo Moston said: “They need to stay closed at least until September.

“Our children are far more precious than giving people an education.

“I am older with grown up children, but if they were younger, I would not be letting them go back.

“When you see the suffering that people who catch this awful virus go through, why would we put our children at risk?"

Toni Hall said: “I consider it dangerous. A child’s life should not be put at risk because they may not get it.

“I personally think let’s just start the year again in September, or when it’s really safe to do so and not when people are still dying.”

Also against the idea is Angela Topping, who commented: “As a former teacher, I can say this is a stupid idea.

“As a parent, I would refuse to send my kids into school - talk about throwing our babies under a bus.

“This government has made one bad decision after another. Lockdown came too late and it certainly should not end too early.”

One reader who thought returning in some form in June could work is Roger Knight, who said: “I’m not sure what will be different in September.

“There won’t be a vaccine by then and all the kids would presumably go back at once rather than a gradual return, so it will be just as risky as them going back gradually in June.

“One idea is they go to school two days a week on rotas from June and the school is closed each Wednesday for a deep clean.”

And Ross Kenyon believes that the final decision should be made by parents after seeing their child’s school’s action plan.

“If they decide against it, no fines should be enforceable,” he added.