ONE Northwich charity is going the extra mile to provide dementia carers with a lifeline under lockdown.

Deafness Support Network (DSN), based on London Road, offers support to people suffering from dementia while aiming to understand the link it has to hearing loss.

Past research has suggested that people with a hearing loss are more likely to develop cognitive impairment and dementia, which is why DSN runs its You, Me and Tea cafes.

These offer a relaxed atmosphere for people to socialise in, enjoy fun activities and have a light lunch to overcome social isolation, however, they have sadly been suspended under lockdown.

To overcome this, the DSN team led by sensory cognitive decline expert Dr Jenna Wallace has created wellbeing packs which are being distributed to group members in Cheshire East.

“Members were contacted and all voiced their concerns that they were really disappointed and would miss the stimulation of You Me and Tea,” Dr Wallace said.

“DSN contacted the National Lottery Community Fund to check if it was happy that we changed our offering from face-to-face meetings to sending out activity packs and keeping in contact remotely, and luckily they agreed.”

The first activity packs were distributed on March 25, including wordsearches and Easter card making activities.

Since then, the bi-weekly packs have included colouring pencils and colouring templates for relaxation and stimulating brain training activities such as crosswords, mazes and spot the difference.

Dr Wallace says that feedback from the activity packs and weekly phone calls members get from the DSN team has been ‘really humbling’.

One carer said: “Please keep sending the packs, as is great to receive post and really made me smile when it came through.

“I have loved receiving the packages as they are so helpful for stimulating, and it’s also great to know that DSN are offering support on other aspects whilst we are in lockdown.”

Another carer added: “I was feeling down today, but after speaking to you I feel so much brighter.

“It’s lovely to receive the post and makes you think that people do really care about you.”

The scheme is set to be rolled out across Cheshire West and north Wales in the coming weeks.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a wellbeing dementia pack, email