EVENTS may have been cancelled, but you and your family can still prepare your skin to socialise again.


As our teens grow, the skin must grow too. This is a time when their skin can become vulnerable to stretch marks.

Stretch marks can affect both boys and girls and are caused by tearing of the dermal layers of the skin during periods of rapid growth of the body, often during puberty, pregnancy, or weight gain.

To minimise your teen getting stretch marks encourage them to use a body oil after showering. I treat a lot of teens who have stretch marks on legs tops of arms thighs and backs.

If they oil the problem areas, it can really help. Always treat stretch marks when they are pink. It is often too late when they turn silver or white.

In a salon there are a variety of ways to treat fresh stretch marks using microdermabrasion, micro needling, or IPL, all of which have had a good success rate.

Bio oil is a good oil for this. I also love the Elemis Japanese Camellia oil or Clarins Tonic oil.


This oil has a minty herbaceous scent and has a large variety of uses.

I think this is a wonderful oil for stimulating the brain and memory, great if you are studying for exams.

If your child or teen is doing school work at home and they are lethargic and unmotivated, have some rosemary oil in the room using a diffuser.

Blend it with some mandarin oil to create a fresh fragrance. When your teen goes into the exam a drop of rosemary on a tissue to breath in before hand will help to activate the brain.

I have also found this oil to be head cleaning and can relieve headaches, particularly for when you feel mentally exhausted.

Rosemary will be great for all our healthcare workers who are working long hours.

I like to use this oil for whenever I have a cold, and if I do not overuse it, it helps with my asthma and sinuses.

It is also a good oil to use if you have overindulged during lockdown as it is said to be a liver decongestant, if you also rest from unhealthy habits.

My favourite use for rosemary is that it is great to be used in a scalp blend, it can help alleviate dandruff and encourage hair growth.

Remember, do not use neat on the scalp blend in a carrier oil. It is lovely mixed with peppermint oil. It is a great oil for greasy hair too.

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If you have been doing a lot of gardening or exercise and are suffering with muscular pain this is a good oil to try in your bath mixed in a carrier oil.

Do not use this oil if you are epileptic or pregnant.

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