A BAKING businesswoman in Whitegate is aiming to deliver more than 1,000 homemade cakes to key NHS workers and vulnerable people in the area.

Lily Newman, who works at Morgan James Consulting, has launched her #CakesforKindness campaign which sees her bake up to 150 cakes a week for the community.

She was inspired by a video that went viral of a nurse in tears at ransacked supermarket shelves when shoppers were stockpiling food and vowed to ensure they had some sweet treats to enjoy.

And Lily now spends a day and a half every week baking and delivering cakes for the area’s inspirational key workers and appreciative vulnerable.

“I’ve lived in Whitegate for 14 years, and the beautiful thing - if a beautiful thing can come out of coronavirus - is the sense of community that has emerged,” said the 54-year-old.

“I have got to know more of my neighbours in the past eight weeks than I have in the 14 years.

Northwich Guardian:

“I started out delivering cakes to people in the NHS or elderly and poorly people I knew, but word spread and people have been contacting me and asking me to bake for people who are having a tough time.

“So far, I have baked and delivered 676 cakes and my intention is to make more than 1,000, so I’m well on the way.

“Not everyone has the resources or the time, but if everyone thought about one other person in their street who perhaps is elderly, ill, or vulnerable, it would be amazing.”

Lily is no stranger to acts of charity, having previously overcome her fear of heights to do a tandem parachute jump and a sponsored wing walk for Act for Africa, and she is keen to do her bit to help in the community.

“Last week, I delivered cakes to a gentleman who had been on crutches since lockdown after a knee replacement,” she continued.

“It was his 75th birthday and his daughter nominated him, so I sang happy birthday to him on the doorstep and gave him some fairy cakes.

“Another lady nominated her mum who had lost her husband of more than 50 years shortly before lockdown.

Northwich Guardian:

“I don’t know these people, but they share their stories with me on the doorstep and I feel privileged to share a cake of kindness and bring a little bit of happiness into their lives.”

Dr Fiona McGregor-Smith is a local GP who’s received a baked surprise more than once.

She said: “I found it very moving that people are looking out for the NHS.

“There is a great community spirit around at the minute and people who perhaps can’t contribute in other ways want to do their bit.”

Mary Curry, another lucky local resident who’s known Lily for some time, added: “Lily is an angel and the cakes are delicious.

“It’s not just the taste - it’s the thought and the kindness behind it which really counts.”