AS a club which focuses solely on cricket, it must have been difficult for members of Northwich Cricket Club to find something different to do when the coronavirus lockdown came into effect.

But the club really hit it out of the park by deciding to create scarecrow cricketers and position them on the pitch as if they were playing a match.

The creations certainly fooled a number of people passing the Moss Farm club on their daily walk, with many having to double take after believing that real people were actually playing cricket.

And as well as putting a smile on people’s faces, the creations are also helping to raise vital funds to support our NHS heroes.

“This month would have been the start of the cricket season for us down at our Moss Farm ground,” said club member Ian Grassby.

“But as cricket couldn't happen because of Covid-19 and the lockdown situation, we decided to have a little fun and create some cricketing scarecrows.

“Entries were sought from across the club membership, with each entrant making a donation to NHS charities.

“We asked our members to make scarecrows to put in place on the pitch and make a scene, as if a real game was on.

“The aim was to give people something to do while at home, and to remind our members that although we can't get together at the moment, we can still work as a team to create something worthwhile.

“We also wanted to spread some cheer in our local community and give people something to smile about in these challenging times.”

And the love for the scarecrows has spread from Northwich to countries across the globe, including cricketing powerhouse India and strangely, Iceland.

“Since the scarecrows started appearing, we have had so many people telling us that they stop and look at them if passing on their daily walk or cycle,” Ian added.

“The comments from local people on our Facebook page have been really appreciate.

“We've also had a lovely visit from PCSO Michelle Gillett from Hartford and Greenbank Police, who came down to check that the scarecrows are socially distancing.

“We posted pictures of the scarecrows on our Twitter feed and now, news of the cricketing scarecrows has reached as far away as India and Iceland.

“We will be leaving the scarecrows in place as long as we can so that more people can enjoy them.”

The scarecrows have already raised £300 for NHS Charities Together, and if you would like to donate, head to