POLICE have dealt with a group of youths failing to adhere to coronavirus socialising rules this afternoon, Thursday.

Officers spotted several people exercising together, despite not being members of the same family, while patrolling in the Hunts Lock area.

Guidelines issued by the Government and Public Health England state that exercise once per day is still encouraged, but people must stay more than two metres apart from anyone that they do not live with.

People are permitted to exercise alone or with members of their own household

The youths were subsequently given ‘words of advice’ by officers and moved on.

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In a tweet from the Hartford and Greenbank Police account, PCSO Gillett said: “Officer Cross and I are currently dealing with anti-social behaviour at Hunts Lock due to socialising rules clearly not being adhered to.

“Words of advice given to several youths exercising with non-family members.”

Coronavirus guidance also urges people to stay local when exercising by utilising open spaces near their home and avoiding unnecessary travel.