A SINGER from Northwich has composed and performed a lockdown version of a classic Johnny Cash hit.

Although not the original artist, the country legend recorded the track ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’ in 1996, with lyrics stating how he has travelled across deserts and over mountains in North America

But this has been turned on its head by Emily Street, 29, who has changed the words to places around her home after being stuck in lockdown.

Emily, who works as a technician for a hotel chain, is one of thousands in the industry who have been placed on furlough leave because of coronavirus.

“Since being under lockdown, I’ve set up my own little music studio at home, started playing tracks and taking requests,” she said.

“I woke up one morning and thought it would be funny to do a lockdown version of the Johnny Cash song, I’ve Been Everywhere.

“I like Johnny Cash and used to perform a lot of his songs during gigs, so I thought that this one might work well.

“I sat down at 10am, played the track and the lyrics were coming to me quite easily.

“By 3pm, I’d started filming the video clips and by about 6pm the same day, everything was done.

“I put the vocals and video clips to a karaoke version of the song and added some of my guitar chords over the top.

“If it just makes a couple of people smile, then it was all worth it.”

After scaling back on her music due to work commitments, Emily has rediscovered her passion and is hoping to pick it back up again once Covid-19 passes.

“I’m really enjoying getting back into music,” she added.

“I’ve been into music forever and studied it at Rudheath High School, Mid Cheshire College and at uni.

“I used to do quite a few gigs and I’m hoping to start going to some more open mic nights when everything is back to normal.”

See more of Emily’s songs on her emilystringacoustic YouTube channel.