“We cannot relax our discipline now. If we do, people will die.”

Those were the words of Health Secretary Matt Hancock last Friday.

It was feared that with a forecast for this year’s first weekend of warm weather across the country, and a predicted lockdown fatigue among the general public, there could be a mass flouting of enforced governments rules brought in to slow the spread of the coronavirus. And if that were to happen, Mr Hancock warned it could have a devastating impact on the safety of us all.

But pictures of around Northwich town centre at the weekend shows that Mr Hancock, NHS workers and our vulnerable family members in Northwich had nothing to fear.

The pedestrian streets, parks, roads and car parks that would usually be filled with families on a warm spring weekend lay silent and empty.

We look forward to a time when they return to normal. But for now, we thank you all for keeping each other safe.