WE often see the darker side of police work as officers lock up criminals across the town.

But it was good to see officers showing a lighter side during the current lockdown by completing a chalk obstacle course in Castle.

The course was etched on Navigation Road by seven-year-old Alfie Siddall and his mum Janine.

And as well as the police stopping to have a go, many people have been spotted having a bit of fun while on their daily exercise walk.

“We saw a similar course online and just thought that it was a fun idea that we could recreate,” Janine said.

“It’s something for the kids to do to keep them occupied, as they’ve been really bored being off school.

“We’ve been watching out of the window as a lot of people have been having a go while on their daily exercise, and it’s great to see.”

Since first creating the course, Alfie and Janine have doubled it in size to make more people smile - both children missing their regular visits to the town’s playgrounds and even adults as a bit of fun.

“We were watching someone have a go out of the window when we saw the police pull over,” Janine added.

“The next minute, they started having a go and filming it, which was really cool.

“It’s all a bit of fun and it’s good to see people having and go and enjoying it.”