A MAN from Barnton had his neighbours singing and dancing after holding a hour-long music concert in his front garden.

Andy Matzen decided to hold the impromptu singalong to cheer up the neighbours on his street who have been stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

But his concert has done much more than that, as it could be heard streets away, and a live stream on Facebook has been viewed over 10,000 times by people in countries as far away as Canada and New Zealand.

And he says that it is fantastic to cheer people up during what is a difficult and unpredictable period.

“I’ve been singing live on Facebook for quite a while as a mess around, and since the lockdown started, I’ve seen more and more people doing it,” said Andy, who works as a sales developer for Roberts Bakery in Rudheath.

“My neighbours were talking about holding a street party before the lockdown started and I thought that it could be a good idea.

“That’s why I thought I’d go out in my front garden and sing the neighbours a few songs.

“It went down really well and I think the video has spread as far around the world as New Zealand.

“I never thought that it would’ve gone this far.

“I actually though the police would come and tell me to turn it off, but it’s gone the opposite way, and to see people singing and dancing was great.”

Andy’s concert was live streamed on Facebook by his neighbour Rachael King, who said that everyone was cheered up by the gig and is looking forward to a repeat performance.

“Andy mentioned that he was planning on doing it, but I don’t think he expected it to be as big as it was,” she added.

“His next-door neighbours came out and then people started sitting in their front gardens across the street as well.

“It was a lovely thing to do to cheer people up and it was quite moving.

Northwich Guardian:

“It really cheered everyone up and it definitely put a spring in my step.”

Rachael continued: “Hopefully he will do it again as it will give everyone something to look forward to and it will bring everyone out in the street to listen.

“It started off bringing a bit of happiness to neighbours, but it’s since spread to the wider community and even around the world.

“He’s a lovely neighbour and it was a lovely thing to do.”

Andy has been singing as a hobby for around 25 years, and during this time, he has arranged music events for hospices and been known to frequent local care homes to sing for residents.

He is hoping to host more garden concerts in the near future, but is wary of getting on people’s nerves, especially those in the area who work night shifts.