FANCY the chance of winning up to £5,000 – all while giving vital funds to St Luke's Hospice?

The St Luke's Lottery is the hospice's single biggest source of income, with more than 16,000 people playing it each week.

And now punters have the chance to win a new rollover jackpot of up to £5,000.

The lottery has been revamped with a bumper prize as a thank you to loyal players and in the hope that more people will play.

Claire Langston, director of income generation, said: “We are delighted to announce our new rollover draw, which we hope will attract new players and give our existing players something new and exciting.

“Our lottery players collectively make a huge difference to the hospice. Over the last 25 years the lottery has raised more than £11million pounds for patient care, which is the equivalent of one week of care on our inpatient unit every month, and it still costs just £1 a week to play.

“We will continue to ensure that as much money as possible from the lottery goes to support the work of the hospice, as we know how important that is to our supporters.”

The new format begins on Friday with the chance to win 35 guaranteed prizes every week including a £1,000 jackpot, plus the rollover.

Each week the prize is not won, £200 will be added to the rollover up to a maximum of £5,000, when there will be a guaranteed winner.

All profits raised in the lottery – currently 70p in every £1 – supports those being cared for by St Luke's and their families.

Claire added: "We are incredibly grateful to our loyal supporters who play the lottery each week, and hope that the addition of a rollover may encourage more people to sign up for just £1 a week.

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"Give a little, care a lot."

Visit or call 01606 551246 to find out more.