A WEAVERHAM couple have been spotted on their daily walk wearing Christmas jumpers and Father Christmas hats.

Tina Hickman and her husband Brett said that they decided to don their festive gear partially out of boredom, but also to put a smile on people’s faces during the current coronavirus pandemic.

They passed a number of people making the most of the recent sunshine on their daily trip out of the house for exercise.

And they added that it was definitely worth doing if it cheered people up, if only for a brief moment, during these uncertain times.

“We were both really bored up to the point where we were losing the will to live and just decided to put on our Christmas jumpers and hats and go for our daily hour walk,” Tina said.

“It was so funny passing people walking their dogs shouting merry Christmas at them.

“They must have thought that we were really weird.

“We must have passed a couple of dozen of people out walking and made them smile.

“If we managed to brighten a couple of people’s day, then it was job done.”