NEW software has been rolled out across the Gadbrook Park Business Improvement District (BID) to help businesses and employees develop and learn new skills.

MicroLearn provides cutting edge e-learning resources for companies across a range of industries with training provided in formats including animated videos, infographics and fact sheets.

Businesses and employees can develop skills in areas such as health and safety, data protection, food hygiene, teamwork, leadership and customer service.

All of the courses are designed to help employees gain new skills which could benefit them and their company on a day-to-day basis.

The programme went live at the beginning of November and since then, businesses from all over Gadbrook Park BID have signed up to take advantage of the software.

Mike Roberts, chair of the Gadbrook Park BID executive board, has urged companies to get involved with MicroLearn and hopes the software will help to strengthen skill sets and increase the array of services on offer to clients.

“MicroLearn is an extensive free learning tool which gives people the opportunity to expand their knowledge across an extremely wide range of subject areas,” he said.

“We have had some great feedback so far and I hope more businesses take advantage of the software.

“It can really help to upskill members of staff and ensure businesses are up to speed with the latest industry trends across topics such as mental health in the workplace.

“As a BID, we’re delighted to make software such as this available to our businesses and shows our commitment to helping them flourish and grow.”

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